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    Profumati, colorati, cremosi adatti alle pelli delicate


    Con basi Syndets utilizzano solo materie prime di qualità e di origine vegetale
  • Saponi tradizionali

    SAPONI Tradizionali

    Ottenuti con metodi tradizionali come la saponificazione, sapone di Marsiglia, vegetale e traslucido
  • Sicurezza


    I saponi subiscono severi controlli di qualità in ogni passaggio produttivo
  • All in one - Bar

    All in one – Bar

    Shampoo e Shower

    • Perfect for everybody
    • Ideal for the athlete’s bag, with no liquid in bottle
    • Suitable for travelers, who have both shampoo and shower in one single product
    • Perfect for ladies, who can remove the make-up just cleaning the face
    • Does not burn eyes
    • Portable by airplane
    • It does not contain water
  • Baby Bar

    Baby Bar

    Bath e Shampoo

    • Ideal for kids
    • Gentle with skin
    • Talcum powder enriched formula, for a gentle cleansing
    • Perfect for baby bath
  • Shave and shower bar

    Shave and shower bar

    beard and shower

    • Replace beard foam and gel
    • Suitable for ladies epilation
    • Ideal for body cleansing


Solid Cream Cleanser is a disruptive product, the result of intensive researches with the scope of obtaining the perfect formula for body and hair cleansing, without irritates dermal mucosa and scalp. For these reasons, Solid cream Cleanser is an universal detergent which can replaces different products, such as shampoo, shower and common soaps, promoting a deep cleansing for all the body. Deskin Solid Cream Cleanser is proposed at solid state, to guarantee the 100% active substances functioning.

The product results more:

GENTLE: not contains preservatives or allergens

ECOLOGICAL: doesn’t require plastic packaging

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: doesn’t involve water transport

ECO-COMPATIBLE: less environment foot-print


Deskin’s Solid Cream Cleanser doesn’t contain allergenic substances, and the product is dermatologically tested.


How to use

Solid Cream Cleanser could be used as a traditional soap for hands and face cleansing, as bath shampoo and  shaving cream. It provides a strong fat removing effect, just wetting its surface with water, and distributing the product over the skin with make-up remover sponges.

>Maintains skin hydratation

>Ideal for face/body/hair cleansing



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