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  • DSCN0391   La Preferita Dal Cliente


    Profumati, colorati, cremosi adatti alle pelli delicate


    Con basi Syndets utilizzano solo materie prime di qualità e di origine vegetale
  • Saponi tradizionali

    SAPONI Tradizionali

    Ottenuti con metodi tradizionali come la saponificazione, sapone di Marsiglia, vegetale e traslucido
  • Sicurezza


    I saponi subiscono severi controlli di qualità in ogni passaggio produttivo

Deskin srl

In all its activities Deskin pursues the following primary objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction, both in products and services provided
  • Continuous improvement
  • Environment protection

Furthermore the Management pays special attention to:

  • Define client’s needs and expectations, and translate them  into requirements
  • Consider the regulatory requirements for products and services supplied
  • Satisfy these requirements, through a punctual application of the Quality Management System and a commitment to the quality management in each areas of the business organization, with the scope to achieve clients satisfaction

We believe that this quality policy leads to concrete advantages both to company and clients, such an extent to satisfy every players.

The Management, as for the Quality Policy, has identified the following objectives:

  1. Realize a company Quality Management System, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and obtain and maintain the audit from an accredited entity
  2. Put in practice the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), in compliance with UNI EN ISO 22716:2008 and obtain and maintain the audit
  3. Reach and maintain a suitable level of staff sensitivity to the client  needs, both internal and external, with the objective of understand and satisfy the requests
  4. Reach and maintain, through training activities, a suitable level of staff engagement and expertise  in the quality system, at all level of the business organization
  5. Reach and maintain a suitable level of punctuality, through an accurate planning of the activities
  6. Obtain a continuous improvement of the purchased products and service quality, through a close partnership with suppliers and their validation
  7. Obtain a continuous improvement of products, services and business performances, and obtain a continuous development of customer satisfaction
  8. Respect and preserve the environment, with a reasonable use of resources, and through the reduction of the impacts of  the business operations
  9. Ensure the compliancy with laws in both business and organizational operations, leads by values such as fair competition,  honesty, integrity, correctness and good faith, through the adoption of an Ethical Code.

To achieve this general objectives, for every task and business level are set out specific objectives, even supported by numerical parameters for monitoring, that are defined, controlled and updated during the Review of the Quality Management System

With the scope to ensure the understanding of the Quality Policy, ant its fulfillment at all organizational levels, the Management gives the order of its posing and depicting to the staff.

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